Sunday, October 24, 2010

HPX 'Zine Fair and a Drawing From Mike Holmes!

The HPX 'Zine Fair--which saw the official launch of SLAM-A-RAMA #1 and 2 in colour--was a blast, thanks to everyone who came out and bought stuff from us! Thanks also to Sean Jordan (AKA Wordburglar, and writer of SNAKOR'S PIZZA), James White of Signalnoise Studios, and Mike Holmes (writer/artist of TRUE STORY and THIS AMERICAN DRIVE, as well as artist on Oni Press's SHENANIGANS) for sharing table space. I'll next be selling my stuff at next weekend's Hal-Con on Sunday, and I'm seriously thinking about hitting up Expozine in Montreal next month. After that, who knows? SJ and I were talking about getting a table at Fan Expo in Toronto next year, and I may look into the Toronto Comics Arts Festival as well. Also, Mike whipped up a swell Jack Jordan sketch! Thanks, Mike!

SLAM-A-RAMA #1 and 2 should be on sale now, or in the coming days at least, at Strange Adventures, as well as my other comic, SCENESTER: THE INEVITABLE COLLECTED EDITION. Also, new pages will be appearing here Tuesday and Thursday, so keep your eyes peeled.


  1. If you're thinking TCAF for next year, you might want to move on that--I think the deadline is Oct 30th. (

  2. Will they be available at the Silver Snail in the coming days? I'm assuming SJ will bring some back?

  3. Thanks, Chris! I will get on that ASAP.

    Graig--SJ's heading back to Toronto today, and he's bringing copies with him. They should hopefully be on the shelves in time for New Comic Day.

  4. Sweet, didn't see them last week, but will check again this week.