Thursday, July 8, 2010

Page 60

All right, so this is page 60 of SLAM-A-RAMA, otherwise known as the halfway point of this story! Whew! As promised, to commemorate this occasion, we're gonna have a little contest. One lucky winner, drawn at random, will receive a WWE Survivor Series DVD from 2004. According to the back cover, "WWE Superstars are artists. The ring is their canvas. This is going to be a masterpiece of mayhem." So, basically, it's an art film, I guess? Anyway, the winner will also receive an original drawing of the SLAM-A-RAMA character of their choice. All you have to do is leave a comment below, or send an email to with the phrase "Page 60 Contest" in the subject line. The winner will be drawn one and announced one week from today, on Thursday, July 15! Good luck, and thanks for reading SLAM-A-RAMA!

Oh yeah, I'm also going to be on CBC's Mainstreet this Monday, the 12th of July, to discuss the comic, around 5:30 Halifax time! Listen in as I try not to make a complete jackass out of myself.