Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Page 24

And with that, what is essentially the "first issue" of SLAM-A-RAMA comes to an end! For everyone who already read this stuff in black-and-white form as THE SQUARED CIRCLE #1, thanks for your patience. I wanted to get this stuff up on the web in colour at a somewhat leisurely pace while I finished up "issue two", so I'd have a nice backlog of material. This Friday, I'm going to post a few bonus illustrations--the first issue's original published cover, and a brand new cover illustration for issue two, and then Monday...ALL NEW MATERIAL! The pages that would have comprised the second issue of THE SQUARED CIRCLE are all finished and coloured, and I'm going to start posting them next week! I'm hard at work on "issue three", so there's plenty more Eighties wrestling mayhem on the way! Thanks for reading, and tell your friends! Remember, next Monday, it's all new! Sasquatch Armstrong vs. Terry "The Tarantula" Purvis! Miami Heat vs. The Beverly Killbillies! And...MacKinley vs. MacKinley? Be here!

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