Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Page 67

For your consideration, a new page...more later this week. I'm gonna try like hell to stick to my schedule, although it's gonna be tough...in two weeks time I'll be off to Montreal for ExpoZine, and this past weekend was Hal-Con here in Halifax. I had a great time talking to folks and doing some drawings for kids, which if nothing else, taught me I need to be drawing pretty much every day to keep my skills sharp. All of this conventioneering is great for getting new folks into my books, but it unfortunately takes time away from working on said books. However, I did get to hang out with comics superstar Darwyn Cooke for two afternoons, which was terrific. Cal took this great shot of him reading SLAM-A-RAMA...maybe there's a PARKER crossover in the works? Er, not likely. Still, cool photo! Pretty exciting.